About TakeMyPills

PrEP only works if it’s taken properly. TakeMyPills is a new digital platform from the charity Saving Lives, which seeks to help people pop their pills more effectively.

TakeMyPills is a two-way SMS system that encourages and enables what doctors would call better medicine adherence for PrEP.  You are eligible wherever you live in the UK – simply sign up to our service. It’s free of charge, and you’ll receive helpful text messages at set intervals.

These will prompt you to respond to a range of questions related to your PrEP taking – and your answers will help you build a picture of how PrEP will work best for you.

At its most basic level, TakeMyPills is intended to be a support service (NOT a reminder service) – we’ll drop you a daily text and ask if you’ve taken your pill and ask if you need help or we will do this every week . We will also ask you to count your pills to give you feedback as to how well you are doing.  Over time, your answers can help you develop a more individually tailored approach to your pill-taking.

TakeMyPills is the first system of its kind in the UK, and we’re currently in the pilot stage. By signing up now, you’ll be helping us evaluate and improve the service. We’re hoping that people keen to contribute to designing a platform that can help people all around the UK take their PrEP will get involved and give us feedback. Why not sign up and be on the ground floor of the #PrEP revolution?

If you want to contact about administrative problems or with suggestions for improvement, please contact our Logistics Manager, Cynthia D’Aguilar, at cdaguilar@nhs.net.