About PrEP

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is a preventative medicine which can help people at high risk of HIV avoid becoming infected with the virus.

There are different ways of taking PrEP The two main ways are either daily, or “event-based” (which means taking PrEP at least two, and preferably twenty-four, hours before sexual activity – and for another 2 days afterwards).

The overall conclusion from studies to date is that medication adherence is the single most important determinant of PrEP’s success. This project aims to close this gap.

There is lots more information about PrEP and how to take it available at https://prepster.info and www.IwantPrEPnow.co.uk.

In England, PrEP has only limited availability via the NHS, and so many people are ordering their drugs over the internet. The problem with that approach is that it doesn’t necessarily come with the support to help users take it effectively.

While PrEP decreases the chance of contracting HIV – it can only do this if you take it consistently.  This is called medication adherence.

There is plenty of evidence that medicine adherence is a big problem across all the healthcare system  – it’s  human nature to sometimes forget or miss pills, and then not remember or admit to this!

That’s where TakeMyPills come in. By responding to the text messages sent by the system, you can build up your own non-judgemental and accurate record of your pill-popping behaviours. There’s loads of evidence that this really helps.