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The Basics

Why Are We Collecting Your Data? TakeMyPills is a service that helps users take PrEP better – and consequently decrease their chances of contracting HIV. To do this, we need to collect some basic data about you – including contact details and some behavioural information that will help us tailor our responses to you.

What Will We Do With Your Data? We’ll only ever use your data to inform our communications with you about your personal PrEP regimen. We’ll use your contact details to send you messages, and your other information to understand you, your habits … and how this information should impact on your PrEP taking. If we ever use data for research or service improvement, it will be entirely anonymised first.

How Do We Store Your Data?

Your data is stored on IGSoC-compliant servers. These are HSCN-networked computers with the same levels of data security as the NHS. They conform to all healthcare- specific information governance requirements, and we always communicate data via connections of the same security levels.

For more information about your data and how our procedures, see below.

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